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An Acrostic of the word Prayer

Prayer is talking with our Heavenly Father and on many different levels of emotions and needs. Prayer is our faith telling God we are trusting in Him to answer our prayers.

(P) P is for Praising God as we come to Him each day in prayer and Professing Him in our realm of influence as we live for Him at our work or play.

(R) R is for Rejoicing for what Jesus Christ has done for us and remembering God for His unspeakable gift, His only Son.

(A) A is for Adoring our God of the Bible and Agreeing that He never changes, not even a showed of change.

(Y) Y is for Yielding to His gift of salvation and the call by the Holy Spirit. Also, Yearning to be faithful to the work He has planned for us before the foundation of the world.

(E) E is for Exalting God for who He is and Expecting His love, mercy, and wisdom to be a part of His answer to our prayers, for which we give thanks.

(R) R is for Repenting of our sins each day as we come to the throne of grace in prayer. Reflecting on His precious Word and helping us to hide His word in our hearts so that we want sin against Him.

P R A Y E R is an awesome gift from God and Jesus sits at His right hand and ever lives to intercede for us. Amen

Celia Milam

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